Our Bottomline

We believe in providing a locally made, delicious, healthy, affordable treat for our customers. Over the years we have made positive changes in the way we make our fruitsicles and the ingredients we use, making a great product even better. All our fruitsicles are handmade in our food safe, VIHA approved kitchen. Keeping fruit as our focus, we offer a wide variety of flavours including ones made with dairy and dairy free options.

They are yummy because

  • we use wholesome, delicious ingredients
  • we handmake them in small batches
  • we use real fruit and dairy products
  • we freeze our fruitsicles very quickly which creates a smooth and pleasing texture for your mouth!

They are good for you because

  • we use wholesome, delicious ingredients
  • we use real fruit and dairy, nothing artificial
  • we aim to use just enough sugar (we use non gmo sugar from sugar cane) to make our fruitsicles just sweet enough, with the exception of our sugarfree flavours.


benellieOur Bottomline